These 5 Tips will help you host Successful Yard Sale!

5 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale. Advice on how to host a yard sale or a garage sale, including how to price items, organize sale items, and how to make the most out of your yard sale so you sell all of your junk!

It’s yard sale season! Spring cleaning leaves you with piles of clutter and clothes that you need to get rid of, that means it is time for a yard sale! Last weekend Melinda and I packed up all of the things we had been collecting over the winter and had our spring yard sale. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great turn-out. Another successful yard sale down and now we have so much more room to collect new stuff ;).

Organization:  A successful yard sale takes a lot of organization. Start planning at least a month out. Figure out where you are going to hold the yard sale and set a date. Make a timeline for collecting items, advertising the sale and getting your items priced and ready to sell. Make lists! Make a spreadsheet with all of your items, the price you are selling them for, how low you are willing to go and a box to mark when the item is sold.

Price Items to Sell: At the end of the day you want money in your pocket but you also want empty tables. No one wants to have to pack all of their junk belongings at the end of the day and take them back home. A rule of thumb is to price items at ⅓ of what they cost when they were new. Keep in mind though that this may not apply to all items so look at things objectively and be reasonable. People at a yard sale want a bargain. Clothes I keep $3 and below. Just remember if you weren’t selling it you would be giving it away, every dollar you make is just an added bonus.

For every customer who haggles over a price with you there were two that just looked at the price and moved on without buying it. Try to price your items so there is no need to negotiate (be prepared though, that is half the fun for some hardcore yard salers). As the day goes on if you notice an item being picked up by multiple people but not being purchased, be willing to change your pricing.

Display Your Items so They are Seen: People don’t like to have to bend over or dig through things to find the item they want. You need to display your items so they are easy to see and easy to reach. Make sure you have tables to place your items on and if possible a clothes rack to display clothing. If you have books to sell try using a box to display them, cut the sides of the box down to the height of the books and turn the books on their side so people can see the title on the binding. This also make it easy for customers to grab the book they want without having to move around a stack or worry about knocking things over. The same technique works for CDs, VHS,  and DVDs.

Grouping items together in sections that make sense (i.e. kitchen, electronics, toys, clothes, etc) makes it easier for customers to find items they are interested in. Having an organized display draws people’s eyes and makes it easy for you to direct them to items that they might want.

Make Yourself a Yard Sale Kit: It’s going to be a long, and hopefully busy, day so there are a few things you should make sure you have:

  • Markers/pens – for repricing and updating your inventory lists
  • Paper – for making new signs for items
  • Tape – for pricing items and taping up signs
  • Change – We suggest you have 50 $1s, 20 $5s, 10 $10s and a roll of quarters.
  • Bags – Your customers will be loading up. Make sure you have bags for them to put all of their items in.  We starting saving our grocery bags months in advance.
  • Paper for wrapping – If you have some fragile items you are selling make sure you have paper to wrap them in so customers will get them home safely.
  • Water – Most likely you’ll be having your yard sale on a warm day. Make sure you have something to drink so you stay hydrated.
  • Snacks – Hopefully you won’t have time for breaks so bring a few snacks to keep your strength up.
  • Sunscreen – Don’t forget this! There is nothing worse than ending your day with a sunburn (I speak from experience!).

Have Fun!: Enjoy the day. Talk to customers, sometimes chatting with people can give you a chance to point out that item they just need to have. Even if it doesn’t it is always nice talking to new people. Set up a little table with donuts and coffee for the early birds or cookies and lemonade for the late afternoon. Make your customers comfortable while they look around the longer they hang out the greater the chance they will leave with a bag full of your things!