Today we’re so excited to have our first guest blogger Alice from Yorkshire Linen with some decor tips for creating a beautiful bedroom.

9 Sizzling Bedroom Decor Ideas

Give your bedroom some bold style this season by picking using one or two of the following bedroom decor ideas to maximise the impact of your décor.

Lavish White

Sometimes using bright bold colours in décor can make the overall effect of the décor become too intense and gloomy: the total opposite of what is desired! Literally lighten up this unwanted effect by using plenty of white, cream or other similarly pale colours with your chosen bright and bold shade. Rather than diluting the effect of your strong colour, as might be expected, the lighter notes stop the strongest colour from overwhelming the décor.

Pop of Uniqueness

Introduce pops of unusual colour into your décor (orange and turquoise are particular favourites with designers and decorators this year) to enliven the décor and showcase the other, perhaps more traditional, décor colours. If you are unsure of which unusual colours to introduce, why not opt for a vibrant work of art which is likely to create a different effect depending on where in the room it is placed and on which colours it is set against.

Cheerful Chests!

You do not have to remain tied to the furniture shades supplied by the manufacturer. Pop into a D-I-Y store and have a chat about which paint is best for achieving the desired effect and make sure that you undertake the work slowly and carefully. (make sure that you buy enough
paint for the whole job, mix it all at once – if mixing is needed – and apply each coat carefully, sanding the item before you begin, use a primer, apply at least two coats of the final colour, allow each coat to dry completely, and lightly sand it before applying the final coat.) In
this way you can paint any piece of furniture to emphasise and enhance your colour scheme; you do not have to stick with natural wood colours or even the manufacturer’s range of shades.

Dramatic White Duvet covers

Bold does not necessarily mean bright. If you want a dramatic and bold décor, yet abhor bright colours and gaudy colour schemes, you can use white instead: crisp and clean and very noticeable, perfect to showcase your bedroom features. You will quickly learn that you do not have to use masses of colour to achieve a bold look. If you are looking for amicable duvet covers, I would suggest exploring Yorkshire Linen.

Monochrome Wonder

Demur yet bold, monochrome is great for causing this décor paradox. For a bedroom that looks understated and restrained but is still lively and eye catching, this vivid contrast between black and white is the perfect solution.

Metallic Elegance

Similarly, the addition of significant metallic points can enhance and dramatise your bedroom décor admirably. You can opt for something functional like a large wall-clock or something frivolous and purely ornamental depending on your personal tastes. Vintage and classy wall-clocks can be viewed at John Lewis.

Jaunty Nautical

Add a marine theme to your bedroom by using clear, bright blue against a cream or white background with mere touches of red and yellow. This colour scheme can be teamed with seashells, seaweed and other marine features or simply be allowed to speak for itself.

 Retro Bright

While few people want to return entirely to the 60s or 70s (although I daresay there are a few of you out there!) the occasional nod to retro décor can be an effective tool in your interior design arsenal. Pop a retro-inspired cushion on your bed, or hang a pop-art poster on your wall and see how this adds texture to your bedroom décor.


Go Back to Nature

While it may not seem obvious, the use of plants and flowers (whether real, fake or merely fabric designs) can add a certain something to the décor of any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Invest in a sturdy pot plant or buy fresh flowers once or twice a week.

 Love all of these tips, it makes me want to start re-decorating my own bedroom! Thanks to Alice for sharing with us, don’t forget to stop by Yorkshire Linen and see what else she has been up to.