All your questions answered on this year's back to school must haves. A list for all ages from school supplies, lunch and safety.

It’s time for back to school must haves for 2015. Woohoo aren’t we all excited? I’m sure all of you are counting down the days until the kids are back to school. I’m not! My first born will be heading off to kindergarten and I am freaking out! The thought of my 5 year old riding the bus all alone has been giving me heart palpitations. Yes, I know he’s not technically alone. I get that but still cut me some slack. I went to private school my whole life, wore a uniform (which I loved BTW) and never rode a bus. I guess my fear is the the same as most parents, bullying. I swear it wasn’t as bad when I was a kid. Thanks to social media, you see bullying everywhere and the effects it has on kids is absolutely terrifying. I’m not worried about it during school hours, I worry about the bus ride, bus stop, and walking from the bus to class. Going to public school is so foreign to me. Am I overreacting? Please tell me I am! Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase something we may receive a small commission.

To keep my mind off of all my fears of my little baby heading off to big boy school, I am trying to be productive and get prepared. By prepared I mean spend money which is something I seem to do really well according to my husband :). I’ve asked several friends and family what were their back to school must haves are for 2015 and I’ve narrowed it down to my top 10, most important things kids of all ages must have.

1. Riding the bus to school is a new concept for me since I was driven to and from school. I never had to wait outside for a bus. Having an umbrella seems like a total must have for those rainy days.

2. Call me paranoid, I don’t care. Tracking my child with this kids GPS watch seems brilliant to me.

3. Can’t forget a rain/snow jacket.

4. Don’t forget their feet either! Walking to the bus stop in rain or snow should be enjoyable, NOT. These rain boots have the highest rating I’ve found.

5. Of course I had the cutest backpack from Pottery Barn personalized with his name on it. Then thanks to Facebook, I read it was not safe to have any kids items personalized to prevent possible kidnapping. I know, I know, I AM paranoid! So I figured I’d be safe with this bright colored Minion backpack.

6. Gotta have a super cute pencil holder! I figured a fabric one is better than plastic. It will take up less room and won’t crack like the ones I had when I was a kid.

7. Here are your basic back to school supplies for 2015, listed out by grade. If you don’t have time to search for the best prices individually, buying a bundle seems easiest.

8. We have so many ice packs and already use them everyday for daycare.

9. This Thermos Foogo is the perfect size to keep leftovers warm and pack for lunch.

10. One of my favorites is this bento leakproof lunch box. Save on ziploc bags!

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I’m sure next year all my riding the bus fears will dissipate and I will have others. Leave me a comment below with any of your back to school must haves for 2015 and give me a few words of encouragement!

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