Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders baked in the oven are a deliciously easy way to feed a hungry crowd! Score big when you serve this cheesy appetizer recipe piled high with savory bacon and all of your favorite cheeseburger toppings.

Bacon cheeseburger slider with cheese dripping out

Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

I’m always looking for easy football food ideas for game day. Sliders are a crowd favorite at my parties. I’ve made everything from Philly Cheesesteak Sliders to Chicken Parmesan Sliders and they are all delicious, but I don’t think anything can top my Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders! Make these for your next game day party and watch them disappear.

Close-up of a Bacon Cheeseburger slider

Bacon cheeseburger is a classic comfort food and my Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders take everything you love about them, from the salty bacon and gooey cheese to your favorite burger fixin’s, and turns them into an amazing beef slider recipe. Sliders are an awesome easy football food idea for game day, or for any party where you’re feeding a crowd, because you can make a big batch of them and feed a bunch of people without spending hours getting everything ready in the kitchen.

Bacon Cheeseburger sliders with all of the layers showing

How to Make Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

  1. You start by browning ground beef and onions.
  2. Then you slice your slider buns in half and set the top buns to the side. I like to use a parchment paper lined baking sheet for my sliders because it makes it easy to move them to a platter, but you can also use a casserole dish.
  3. The bottom buns go on the baking sheet with a layer of American cheese.
  4. Top with ground beef and onions and another layer of American cheese.
  5. Next add a layer of cooked bacon.
  6. On top of the bacon, place pickle slices and drizzle on the ketchup and mustard
  7. Place tops buns on and the whole pan goes into the oven at 350 degrees F. for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes pull them out and brush with butter. Sprinkle on some sesame seeds and bake for a final 5 minutes.
  8. When they’re done you can place them on the table and watch them disappear!

Bacon Cheeseburger sliders on a baking sheet

Can I make Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders ahead of time?

I wouldn’t suggest assembling and baking ahead of time BUT you can make the different components of the recip ahead of time. I cook my ground beef and onions, as well as my bacon the day before (you can even cook them up to 3 days ahead of time). Then I slightly warm them in the microwave before assembling my sliders and baking. It’s an easy way to cut down on prep time on party day.

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Servings: 12
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 40 mins

Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders baked in the oven are a deliciously easy way to feed a hungry crowd! Score big when you serve this cheesy appetizer recipe piled high with savory bacon and all of your favorite cheeseburger toppings.
Bacon cheeseburger slider with cheese dripping out
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  • 12 Slider buns
  • 2 tsp Olive oil
  • 1/4 Onion, medium
  • 1 lb Ground Beef
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 14 slices American Cheese
  • 6 slices Bacon, cooked
  • 12 slices Pickle
  • Ketchup & Mustard
  • 2 tsp Sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp Butter, melted


  • In a large skillet heat olive oil over medium high heat.
  • Add diced onions and cook for 3 minutes.
  • Add ground beef and salt and continue to cook until meat is cooked through and onions are translucent.
  • Drain grease from beef.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Cut slider buns in half setting the tops of the buns to the side.
  • Place bottom buns on a baking sheet.
  • Place 6 slices of American cheese on bottom buns and break last slice in half to completely cover buns with cheese.
  • Spread beef and onion mixture over the cheese.
  • Using 7 more slices of cheese create a second layer of cheese.
  • Break up the cooked bacon into 12 pieces and place so there will be a slice on each bun.
  • Place a pickle slice so there will be one pickle on each bun.
  • Drizzle with ketchup and mustard.
  • Place top buns on top of everything.
  • Cover the sliders with aluminum foil and bake for 15 minutes.
  • Remove foil and brush buns with melted butter and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • Bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese is completely melted.
  • Enjoy!
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Author: Kat Jeter & Melinda Caldwell
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
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