Disclaimer: We’re Blended Conference Ambassadors. We were provided a discounted ticket for our promotion

Join us at the 2016 Blended conference in Florence, AZ from September 15-16th. It is a blogger conference for all types of blogs and it is a great way to build relationships in the blogging community!

Today we’re taking a brief break from recipes to share a little information about an upcoming blogger conference that we absolutely love. This year’s Blended Conference is going to be held September 15-16th in Florence, AZ and we are so excited to be ambassadors! Last year was our first year attending and we had such a great time. Being a blogger is so much fun. Melinda and I really feel like we have found a passion and we are working so hard to turn it into a successful business. I know at first glance it looks like just lots and lots of cooking delicious recipes with your best friend (and it is!) but it is also a lot of work managing social media, recipe development, writing stuff people actually want to read, working with brands so we can keep making all of those recipes, etc. Blended Conference is somewhere that we can go to learn more about this whole crazy blogging thing AND be with people who get it, and get us. We learned so much at last year’s Blended Conference and we made so many lasting relationships with other bloggers it was just amazing. Not to mention we had an excuse to fly out to AZ for a few days and soak up some sunshine.


We had debated whether we would be able to do it again this year but after seeing the speakers they have lined up there was no stopping us! Every single one of these ladies is inspiring. We’ve heard Tiffany Romero speak at Bloggy Bootcamp and we regularly work with her company iSway. If anyone can empower you she can. Danielle Liss spoke at a conference we attended last month and she really lays it all out there and helps you figure out what your price is. This was eye opening for us and has made such an impact on our business! Aubrey Cota from Real Housemoms will be the keynote speaker and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say. We could go on and on because there isn’t a speaker on the list that we’re not excited about!

Learning isn’t the only thing we’re looking forward to. Having the chance to sit and talk with bloggers who are much more experienced than we are as well as bloggers who are just starting out is always so much fun. Since this is our second year we have several friends we are looking forward to seeing again, and several more that we are looking forward to finally meeting in person. The fact that this year’s conference is at the Windmill Winery in Florence, AZ is an added bonus. It is going to be a weekend of Blogging, Wine, and Fun!

I know you want to go now too. Hurry up and register so we can meet you!!

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