Easy Easter Favor and Easter Printable Giveaway {www.homemadeinterest.com}

Today’s project features a cute (FREE!) Easter printable created by K & S Printables a little Etsy shop run by myself (Kat) and my sister. We’re just getting started and we love coming up with all new invitations and party ideas. So go take a peek and let us know what you think!

Now on to the project…Melinda and I sat down the other night and whipped up a few bags of “Bunny Bait” to go along with the Easter printable (see below to download printable). It’s simple, fast and can be used as favors for the kids at school, treats to fill Easter baskets or just a fun treat for the kids.

To do the project you will need: Chocolate melts, M&Ms, ziploc bags (regular or snack size), a cookie sheet, wax paper, your printed labels and a stapler.

For our bunny bait we chose to make Easter bark but you could make anything. If you don’t have time to whip something up you could just fill a snack sized ziploc bag with M&Ms, marshmallows, peeps, or anything else you come up with.

The first step is melting the chocolate melts. We didn’t get all fancy and use a double boiler we just filled up a microwave-safe bowl and heated them for 45 seconds at a time until they were completely melted. You could do this with regular, or white, chocolate chips but I think Candy Melts melt much smoother and they come in all sorts of fun colors so they were perfect for Easter bark. While the chocolate is melting place a sheet of wax paper on the cookie sheet.

Once the chocolate is melted pour it onto the wax paper and use a spatula to smooth it out. You want the chocolate to be about 1/4″ deep so it may not cover the entire pan, that’s ok. Now, before the chocolate starts to harden sprinkle the M&Ms, or any other candy or sprinkles you want to use, over the chocolate. I used my hand to press them all down lightly to make sure they really sank into the chocolate. Then move the cookie sheet to the refrigerator and wait about 10 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened completely.

easter_bark_collage_wmWhile you are waiting go ahead and cut out your “Bunny Bait” labels. Fold them in half so they make little tents and set them aside.

When the bark seems hard enough to crack pull the tray out and break the chocolate bark into pieces. There is no right or wrong way to do it but we tried to keep the pieces large so they would look nicer in the favor bags. After you have the bark broken apart fill your ziploc bag. We used the sandwich sized ziploc but you may want to use the snack size so you don’t have to use as much bark to fill one bag.

Now zip up your baggies and place the label over the top of the bag so the ziploc is sandwiched between the front and the back of the label. Grab your stapler and put two staples at the bottom of the label. Done! You have a cute favor to hand out that makes you look all crafty without taking a ton of time and effort :).


Here are some other recipes for “Bunny Bait” we found: