No need to wait for Spring cleaning to get organized. We have some Easy Tips to Organize Your Kitchen will get your new year started right!

Easy kitchen organization tips and ideas to help life be less stressful. Be organized year round with these easy tips to organize your kitchen!

Every year in January I feel an overwhelming sense to re-organize and declutter. The first week of the new year I usually begin by going through my closet and bedroom drawers. This year I filled up 7 trash bags of clothes and shoes to donate! Next I move to the dreaded kitchen. I love cooking but when my kitchen is disorganized I have no motivation to do it, which really doesn’t work when you’re a food blogger! Here are some of my easy tips for organizing your kitchen.

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I start by going to through my refrigerator. Anything past due or things I know I have been sitting in there forever and I will never use gets dumped, or I ask my mom is she wants it (she hates when I am wasteful). Then I move on to the pantry. First I take everything out and dump past due items. Anything I know I won’t use I donate. Since I have small children, I rearranged my pantry so the bottom shelf is all kid friendly foods. especially easy to grab breakfast foods. Since the kids are getting old enough to feed themselves this is super helpful. The last think I do in the kitchen is reorganize all my plastic storage containers. I go through all of them and make sure everything has a matching lid. If not, it goes into the trash (where do all those lids go?!).

Now, of course I don’t get all of this done without a few helpful items. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite kitchen storage and organization items, some of these I have already and others are on my wishlist.

  1. Two-Tier Cookware Organizer– How amazing would this be! My pots and pans cabinet is always a mess, no matter how often I organize it. These racks fit inside your kitchen cabinet and pull out separately. They also have adjustable dividers to accommodate different sizes of cookware. I would never have to be on my hands and knees searching for lids and matching pots again!
  2. Rustic Metal & Wire Wall Rack–  I keep lots of fruits and veggies in the house and the baskets I keep them in take up so much counter space. I would love something like this that hangs on the wall to free up space. I also think it would make a great mail organizer too!
  3. Wood Knife Block Insert– Kat has one of these and she loves it. This knife block fits right in one of your drawers and it can be trimmed to fit drawers of various widths and lengths. Again, it is a great solution for freeing up counter space.
  4. Recycling Stainless Steel Touchless Trashcan– This trashcan would save me a trip to my recycling bin every time I open a can or want to throw away a piece of plastic. The kids will even be able to get in on the whole recycling thing! Better yet it has a sensor so it opens and closes on it’s own. Don’t you just love technology!
  5. Pan Organizer Rack– If my first pots and pan organizer was a little to big, or pricey, this is a more affordable option. It doesn’t hold quite as much but it gets the job done!
  6. Large Cabinet Drawer Peg System Insert with Wood Pegs– This has been on my list for awhile. Cabinet drawers in kitchens was a great idea and I absolutely love mine but they can get cluttered fast. I don’t have a cabinet drawer peg system in my drawers yet but my parent’s do and they love it. It makes it so easy to organize and store dishes or cookware in a cabinet drawer.
  7. Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar– This magnetic knife bar is another ice way to display your knives. It still frees up your counter because you mount the bar to the wall and then your knives stick to it magnetically. It makes it really easy to get to your knives quickly when you’re in the middle of cooking too.
  8. Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser– No matter how good I try to be about using reusable shopping bags I always end up with a million plastic bags. I have one of these wall mounted grocery bag dispensers in my pantry and it is a very handy way to store bags so they can be reused.
  9. Flour Keeper with Built in Leveler– I just got the whole set of these containers for storing flour, brown sugar and powdered sugar. The flour keeper has a built-in leveler which makes portioning the flour out easy. The brown sugar container has a terra cotta insert that will help keep your brown sugar from getting hard, and the powdered sugar keeper also has a built in leveler, which is awesome because you know powdered sugar is always a mess to work with. These containers keep my baking center nice and neat.
  10. Assorted Oven Safe Container Set– Along with my plastic containers, I have a bunch of these oven safe containers on hand. They are great because you can put your leftovers in them and seal them up with the lid, then when it is time to eat them they can go straight into the oven (minus the lid) without dirtying another dish.
  11. Plastic Bag Sealer Clips– I like these so much better than the standard chip clips. They really seal the chip or cereal bag up and keep them fresh for longer (in my opinion). They are easy for the kids to use also.
  12. Interlocking Bin Pack– I need these interlocking bins for my junk drawer! You can snap them together to fill a bigger or smaller drawer and then sort all of your paper clips, tape, glue, etc into little compartments so they are easy to find.
  13. Steam Mop– I love my steam mop for the kitchen. It is really easy to use and doesn’t require ringing out mops and dealing with buckets of dirty water. It is a must for keeping the kitchen clean.
  14. Mop and Broom Holder– Sadly I don’t have a pantry big enough for one of those but I do have one right outside my garage door.  It comes in handy to have all your cleaning gadgets together especially when you have a 3 year old and a 5 year old who are always making messes that need a quick clean up.
  15. Coffee Pod Storage Drawer– This is a kitchen must have for all of you coffee and tea lovers. If you don’t already own a Keurig get one, and if you do then the next step is to get yourself a coffee pod storage drawer to put under it.  It doesn’t take up any extra space on your counter and it sorts and organizes all of your hot drink options.
  16. Pivot Vacuum– Got one of these for Christmas. Yep, these are the things you ask for when you grow up and have kids (and dogs). I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s light weight and small enough to be hidden. Instead of getting overwhelmed with vacuuming, I use this everyday to spot clean.
  17. Tool and Supply Tote Caddy– If you keep all your cleaning supplies together so they are easy to get to, you will be more likely to clean. I have one of these under my kitchen sink and one in my master bathroom.
  18. Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack– This thing is so cool! This dish drying rack lays across your sink when you are using it to dry dishes and then it rolls up for easy storage. I like it because it goes over the sink, instead of sitting on the counter like other drying racks. It saves on counter space which I’m always lacking. Do you see a theme here with my organization picks…making more room in my kitchen!
  19. Stackable Can Rack Organizer– If you buy lots of canned goods this stackable can rack organizer will come in handy. It goes in your cabinets and stacks your cans up so they stay neat and organized until you need them.
  20. Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer– This kitchen cabinet organizer can be used in so many ways. I keep this under my kitchen sink to store my dishwasher liquid, sponges and trash bags. You could also use it in your bathroom. It’s great because the drawers pull out and are pretty deep.

Easy kitchen organization tips and ideas to help life be less stressful. Be organized year round with these easy tips to organize your kitchen!

That’s it. I hope I inspired you to do a little new year organization and cleaning. Don’t wait until Spring to get organized, if you start now you will be ahead of the game. Start a yard sale box now so by the time it gets warmer out you will be ready for the ultimate yard sale.

Now get started!

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