Eat Smarter by making sure to stock up on Easy Snacks for Back to School!
Today is the last day of summer vacation. This year the kids don’t start school until after Labor Day so we were able to take one more family trip to the beach. I can’t think of a better way to end the summer :).

Of course the first thing we do on any trip to the beach is head to Martin’s grocery store and pick out treats for the weekend. This summer my kids fell in love with Outshine bars (COUPON HERE). These delicious fruit and yogurt bars are the perfect healthy snack alternative. When you bite into an Outshine bar you can taste the bright flavors of real fruit, real juice, real veggies or real yogurt and Outshine has no GMO ingredients in nearly half of their products, and by the end of the year they’re aiming to have no GMO ingredients in nearly all of their bars. It’s a cool treat that I can feel good about feeding my kids and they just think it’s a delicious snack!

Just because summer is over and the kids are heading back to school doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have frozen treats in the freezer. We’re the kind of family who like Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars all year round. Once school is back in session and sports start up again we’re always on the run. By the time I’ve picked my daughter up from school and then rush back home to get my son off of the bus there isn’t much time to have a snack before we have to head to sports or start on homework. Having snack options like Outshine bars in the freezer give the kids a great healthy snack alternative. They’re also a great way to cool down after sports practice. Who doesn’t want a creamy yogurt bar after a hard practice?

Having snack options you can feel good about is the best way to make sure you can feel good about what your kids are eating and at the end of the night when the homework is done, the lunches are packed, and the kids are tucked into bed you can indulge yourself without having to feel guilty about it.

So when you’re out doing your back to school grocery shopping at Martin’s use the 75 cent off COUPON and grab a box or two of Outshine bars for your family to enjoy!