Three Fall Printables that have a sampling of everything we love about Fall. Print your favorite out and frame it for quick and easy fall decor!

Decorate your mantle for fall with one of these free fall printables.

This summer has been abnormally cool for us. Not that I’m complaining, I have thoroughly enjoyed the low humidity and days in July and August that are cool enough to have your windows open, but yesterday I noticed that the leaves on some of the trees are already starting to turn from green to reds and yellows. Summer is near an end and in the words (kinda sorta) of Ned Stark, Fall is coming.


While I’ll miss the sunshine, I am super-excited because Fall is when we have some of our best crafty project ideas and I really like fall/winter cooking more than summer. Bring on the soups/stews/chilis!

To start off the season I designed a cute printable that lists some of our favorite things about Fall. It fits an 8×10 frame and mine will soon be joined on my mantle by a fall project we have in the works! I know you’re excited ;).

Decorate your mantle for fall with one of these free fall printables.

We’ve given you three choices because, well, who doesn’t like choices (and I can never make up my mind). Just use the button below to download a .pdf of all three Fall printables and print whichever you like best…or all three if you have the same decision-making issues that I do!

Three Free Fall Printables {}