The holidays are quickly approaching and finding the perfect gift for guys is always hard! I’ve put together a list of Gift Ideas for Men that your man will love.

Tech gifts ideas for men. Roku, Chromecast, tablets, ipads, chargers….A list of the things guys really want! Birthday, holiday and anniversary ideas for men.

I love my man but I hate shopping for him. It’s so hard to figure out just the right gift. I’ve been doing my research and polling all the guys I know to see what it is men really want. Whether you are shopping for a man’s birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or Father’s day gift, I’ve got the Guy Approved wish list you need!Note: This post contains affiliate links which means we may receive compensation if you use the links below.

Here are some of the most popular tech gifts for men. If your guy is anything like mine, he is into all the latest gadgets, he may even have a few of these already. If not, he’s going to love you for getting one of these tech gifts for him! You may even find a few things you need for yourself!

  1. How many times has your guy been out golfing or at a football game, and you keep texting him, and texting him, with no response? He finally gets home and say’s, “My phone died.” This small light Portable Charger will save the day (and give him no excuse). I keep one in my car for emergencies as well.
  2. If your house is anything like mine you have a LOT of devices that need to be charged. This 5-Port High Speed USB Charger makes life much easier. You plug it into one wall outlet and you are able to charge up to 5 devices. Not all chargers are created equal. This one is made to charge your devices quickly. Your guy will love how fast his tablet is charged up and ready to go (and so will you!).
  3. The (a) Google Chromecast and (b) Roku Streaming Stick are two of my husband’s favorite tech gadgets for the tv (mine too!) . Totally affordable and simple to use. You can use these devices to stream shows from Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBOGo, etc. straight to your tv. You can even stream stuff straight from your phone or tablet to your TV. Cool right?! No more passing the phone around the room when everyone wants to see the funny cat video Dad found.
  4. We have several of these Styluses in our house. It’s a pencil for your touch screen. My kids have them and is great because it teaches fine motor skills, but my husband loves it because his fingers are big, it gives him more of a precise and less frustrating way to move things on his tablet. Mine is pink!

If your man shaves or has a cool hipster beard these are must have gifts for Valentine's Day, Father's Day or his birthday.

So happy that man grooming is so popular now and there are so many great products that will make your guy’s life easier and keep him looking sexy for you!

  1. My husband’s favorite must have is this Fog-free Shower Mirror . He uses it at home and takes it with him when he travels too.
  2. Every man needs a nice shaving kit, this The Art of Shaving Kit is the creme de la creme.
  3. My personal favorite is this Wet/Dry Trimmer, tames those stubborn nose hairs.
  4. Beards are all the rage now and those things can get unruly. This Beard Kit turns your lumberjack into a GQ model.
  5. If you are looking for something a little less expensive than the Art of Shaving kit you can get him this Jack Black Shave and Skin Collection. If your man is a fitness freak or an athletic these gift ideas are a perfect match. Here are must have gifts for every man, great for Valentine's Day, Father's Day and his birthday.

Is your man a fitness freak wannabe? Mine totally is, he is always looking for the latest fitness gadget to try out. Here are a few fitness gifts that men will love and they don’t cost a fortune!

  1. My favorite (of course I have one too) is the Fitbit. Seems like everyone has one now a days. It’s a watch you wear and it measures your movement, some even record your sleep pattern to see if you’re getting a goods night sleep.
  2. Kettlebells are the new it thing, they have replaced dumbbells for a body-tonight workout.
  3. Does your guy love golf as much as mine? Does it seems like golf accessories are taking over the house? This Golf Trunk Organizer keeps everything tidy.
  4. Love these Under Armour Men’s HeatGear® shirts. They keep your man dry. No underarm pit stains to deal with!

These are the most wanted foodie gifts for men. Great for Valentine's Day, Father's Day and his birthday.

Whether your man likes to grill, cook or just EAT, here’s some foodie gifts for men that I know he’s going to love. Maybe he’ll even share with you :).

  1. Everyone knows about home brewing craft beer but did you know that you can make your own Gin?! With this Homemade Gin Kit your man can turn a bottle of vodka into his own home-blend gin.
  2. If he loves grilling, making chili or making things HOT HOT, this Hot Sauce Gourmet Gifts Basket is the perfect sampler for him to try different levels of heat . It comes with 4 different Louisiana sauces, in full 6oz bottles, so there is something for everyone.
  3. This is my favorite because they look super cool! Use these Pulled Pork Shredder with his new hot sauces and make some awesome pulled pork.

Put a smile on your man’s face with a gift he ACTUALLY wants. Who knows maybe he will get you that bracelet you’ve been eyeing. Personally all I want is to sleep in!