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How to Start a Blog

We started our blog in March 2014 with the goal to turn it into a profitable business. We love working on the blog and sharing our recipes, crafts, and DIYs with our fabulous readers! I’m not going to lie it’s A LOT of work, recipe development, crafts, taking pics, editing pics, writing posts, social media, keeping up with changes that seem to happen every day…I could go on and one but I’ll tell you what. It’s totally worth it. In our first year of monetizing we made $45,000 and we just keep growing!

We had a lot of questions when we started blogging so we wanted to give you a little bit of a head start and share some of our advice for How to Start a Blog and How to Make Money Blogging. Read through everything and if you have any questions let us know. We love to talk about the business of blogging!

Tips on how to start a blog, including instructions on setting up hosting and buying a domain name. You can make money blogging and in this series we’ll also share how to monetize your blog using ad networks, sponsored posts, and affiliate links.

A simple guide on how you can make money blogging. How to monetize your blog with ad networks, sponsored posts, and affiliate links.