We went to The Barn Show this past Saturday and it did not disappoint!

The Barn Show- Spring 2014/ main collage

Melinda: I had my camera and wallet fully loaded and ready to “snop” (snap pics and shop).  I honestly was expecting the items to be pricey after hearing about all the time and effort that goes into the show but I was surprisingly pleased, everything was very affordable. Knick knacks for $10 or $20 bucks, large kitchen tables with chairs for a few hundred dollars, and the best part about the furniture is, it’s all unique. Most of the pieces are refurbished with fabulous colors and finishes, no two alike.  Not only do all the items look great, you could really tell that a lot of thought went into them.  We spoke to Kari, one of the artistic geniuses of the show.  As she was describing some of the items to us, I could feel her passion and love for every item. That alone made visiting The Barn Show worthwhile.

The Barn Show- Spring 2014/ displays collage

Kat: There is something you should know about me. I’m cheap, or frugal if you want to be a little kinder. I was excited to check out The Barn Show but I was prepared for everything to be out of my price range. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a variety of unique pieces all at affordable prices. The ladies and gentlemen who create the pieces clearly have a gift for spotting things that are diamonds in the rough and bringing out their full potential. Like Melinda said, you could feel their passion for their projects when you talked to them and it showed in their work.

The Barn Show- Wire Basket Light Fixture

The Barn Show- Vintage Seltzer Bottle

 What I liked best about the show was the variety. Melinda and I have very different styles in our homes, her style is rustic and mine is more mid century modern. We both left the show with full bags. I fell in love with some vintage dessert plates with a hobnail pattern (I can’t resist anything hobnail!) and this funky bamboo ball that just called out to me. Melinda found an awesome wire sphere that was all rusted and corroded, a metal piece with large bolts sticking out that she is going to turn into a coatrack, and a vintage seltzer bottle with a label etched onto it.

The Barn Show- Spring 2014/ buys

This is definitely the kind of show that makes you wish you could decorate your home in 2 or 3 different styles just so you can buy more. If you like unique items (who doesn’t ?) that no one else will have or statement pieces that will complete a room, make sure you visit the Fall and Christmas show this year. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Our only disappointment was not having enough room in our homes for more items!