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Party Planning Made Easy {}

Melinda and I do a lot of party planning and as much as we love our families sometimes we need to get out of the house to be able to focus. When Gold Peak Coffee asked us to spread the word that they are available in new markets it was perfect timing because we had just
been asked to help plan a bridal shower for a friend. Trying to do that from home is always hard, there are a million distractions, kids, husbands, pets…it’s so much easier (and more fun!) to meet up at our favorite restaurant, have a nice steak and talk about plans over a cup
of coffee and a piece of cake.

Melinda loves her coffee, so she is always happy when we pick a place that serves Gold Peak Coffee because she can wind down with a good cup of coffee just like she would if she was home…and someone else cooks dinner!

Party Planning Made Easy {}

It wasn’t all steak and coffee when we went out though, Bridal shower planning is serious business. We often get asked how we manage to do it all so we wanted to share a few of our tips for Phase 1 of planning a party:

  1. Decide on a theme: Pick colors, talk about anything else that may be tied to the event (in our case the wedding) to get an idea of what the host likes.
  2. Decide on decorations. Break the list into what will be bought and what will be made
    a. Make a list of supplies needed for items you are making
  3. Decide on favors. Cute favors can totally make a party so figure out what you want to do. In our case we chose to do a trail mix bar where guests can make their own trail mix to take home in a mason jar.
    a. Make a supplies list
  4. Plan out food. Think about your timeline food that can be served cold, or room temperature, and things that can be made ahead of time are great. A few hot items are good (especially if they can be served in the slow cooker) but you don’t want to have too many things in the oven that day.
    a. Create a list of serveware needed. We usually sketch out a picture of the table and draw each dish where it would go to get an image in our heads of how the table will be laid out.
  5. Once you have everything decided on make a list of projects and food and assign due dates so you can stay on schedule and not be overwhelmed at the last minute. We try to start at least a month in advance so we have plenty of time to get things done.

Party Planning Made Easy {}

We spent about 3 hours doing all of our planning, and I’m telling you it makes all the difference in the world going out rather than doing it at home. When was the last time you were able to sit around the table sipping coffee and talking things over with friends for 3 hours without being interrupted? Gold Peak Coffee made us feel like we were in the comfort of our own home…without all of the distractions…and a piece of cake.

Party Planning Made Easy {}

Do you have any parties you’re planning? Let us know you’re favorite party planning tip!

Party Planning Made Easy {}



This is a sponsored post written by us on behalf Gold Peak Coffee. All opinions and commentary are 100% our own.