This Rustic Invitation is perfect for anyone who loves rustic decor. All you need is a little burlap and lace and you can create an invitation that will impress your guests before they even get to the party!

Rustic Invitations {

We were so excited when our friend asked us to help her with rustic bridal shower decorations for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s shower. The first thing we did was get to work on rustic invitations and we love how they turned out!

We talked about different options, including printing on the burlap, but in the end we thought having burlap as the background, with the invitation wording on white paper, would be the easiest for people to read, and it let us add the wedding colors into the invite.

Rustic Invitations {}

We started with 5×7 (A7) cards and envelopes, in the color “Paper Bag”, from Paper Source. I use Paper Source invitations and envelopes fairly often, I love all of the styles and colors they have, the quality is great and the prices are really reasonable.

Rustic Invitations {}

Once we had our cards we proceeded to cover them in burlap and then we placed a strip of lace across the middle. We used a hot glue gun to glue everything together but any glue will work. Just make sure you put it on thin enough that it doesn’t show up through the burlap. I designed the invitations in Inkscape and we printed them on card stock and cut them out. We centered them on the lace strip and used a few dots of hot glue to attach them.

Rustic Invitation {}

Pretty simple right? The word is, the bride loved them, and that makes us VERY happy :). Can’t wait until she sees the rustic rag banner we made!

Rustic Invitation {}

There are more rustic party decorations to come, stay tuned!