Are you ready to start Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Home? I am if it means Winter is finally over!

Make Spring Cleaning & Organization easy this year by having what you need on hand.

After the long cold snowy winter we’ve had, I’m ready to get started Spring cleaning and organizing my home. My house is a hot mess (myself included) after being stuck indoors with the kids for so many days. My house is in serious need of a deep clean. Over the years I have found some items that aren’t necessary but definitely make Spring cleaning and organizing easy. I need all the help I can get with organizing toys, all the clothes the kids have grown out of, and removing crayon marks off the walls.

Here are some of my favorite Spring cleaning and organizing your home must haves (This post contains affiliate links for more information see our disclosure policy):

1. I have 2 of these Smith & Hawken Decorative Baskets with a cute chalkboard plaque. I have the round and rectangular shape. They match my home decor so I keep them on my hearth. One holds all my blankets and the other holds toys. Which makes it easy for the kids to clean up and it’s not an eye sore in my family room.

2. I have these Huggable Hangers in my closet, they have made such a difference in keeping my clothes from not falling onto the ground and since they are so thin, I can actually fit more clothes in my closet without my husband knowing.

3. My garage is completely filled with junk, junk that I have told myself I will need one day. I have these Ceiling Storage racks that enable my hoarding problem. I have them above where I park so I utilize as much hoarding storage space as possible. Great for storing all those Christmas decorations too.

4. I had 2 of these Roomba Vacuum Cleaners. I say had because I lost them in my divorce. I know, I know sad for me, not the divorce, losing my beloved lazy woman’s vacuum cleaners. You have to see these things to believe it. I had one for each level of my house. They were amazing! I would start them right before I would leave for work in the morning then come home to a clean house. When they are done, they find their charging station and charge themselves. Great on carpet and hard floor.

5. I have these Mr. Clean Magic Erasers hidden throughout my house. Literally they are magical! I don’t know how or why they work but they do. If you have kids, these are a life saver in getting crayons and random stains off your walls. I even use them as punishment chore and have my kids clean my walls.

6. Love this Laundry Sorter! You can sort by color or by kid, husband, you get the idea. I keep mine in my master bathroom and it makes sorting a breeze. The best part is the laundry bags are removable so as they fill up you can take it to the laundry room.

7. I have several of these Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, they are very handy. I noticed I was going through a roll of paper towels a day and they are just too expensive to waste. I use my cleaning cloths to do windows, dusting and wipe down my counters, then just throw them in a load of laundry.

8. If you’re like me, you hate to clean the shower doors. I keep my Squeegee hanging in my shower. Right before I get out of the shower, I squeegee the doors and that keeps them looking super clean. The kids even enjoy doing it!

9. How do you clean your hardwood floor? I use my Steam Mop, it’s awesome. It doesn’t soak your hardwood and ruin it, it’s gentle steam removes all the grit and grime, leaving them looking brand new. I use it in my kitchen too. When I’m done, I throw the pads in the laundry. It’s super light and thin enough to store out of sight.

10. Last but certainly not least, you have to have a good quality vacuum. This Bissell CleanView Vacuum is my husbands favorite. It has a 25 foot cord which is nice to cover more area without having to stop, find a plug, and remove child safety cover (which is nearly impossible even for an adult). It’s bagless and the filter is washable which is another bonus.

I hope I have motivated you to start Spring cleaning and organize your home. Look on the bright side, that means Winter is finally over. The days of opening the windows and letting the cool breeze will soon be here. Ugh, and allergies!

Make Spring Cleaning & Organization easy this year by having what you need on hand.

What are your cleaning must haves? Do you have any tips or tricks to making Spring cleaning more enjoyable? Comment below!

Happy cleaning!