We’re so excited because today we are participating in a Tour Through Blogland! Erin from The Blue Eyed Dove gave us a peek at her home and the projects she is working on last week and was sweet enough to invite us to give our own tour this week. Erin loves crafting, decorating, party planning, shopping (a girl after our own hearts!) and has a fun blog where she shows off her creativity. Make sure you hop over to her blog and check out all of the things she’s been working on!

Today we’re giving all of you a peek at our houses and answering a few questions about our blog and our blogging process. Then at the end we’ll introduce you to a couple of our favorite bloggers and they will share their homes/projects with you next Monday! 🙂

We’ll start with my (Kat’s) house…

It’s taken me a few years and multiple decorating attempts to really find my style but I think I’m finally there. I’m a mid-century modern kinda girl! I recently replaced my couch with a mid-century modern sectional that I love and I’ve added drum shade ceiling fixtures. My color scheme is slowly transitioning over to shades of gray with teal accents.

Mid Century Modern Sectional {www.homemadeinterest.com}

 My latest big project is new built-in bookcases for my living room that I made using Billy Bookcases from Ikea. My dad was nice enough to spend a couple of weekends working on it with  me and I loved doing it. It has totally transformed the room!

Ikea Hack Billy-to-Built-Ins {www.homemadeinterest.com}

You might be able tell from some of my knick knacks I’m also slightly peacock obsessed…it’s nice to have more room for all of the cute decor I come across.

Ikea Hack Billy-to-Built-Ins {www.homemadeinterest.com}

Melinda: My decorating style is rustic and focal point of my house is the large flagstone fireplace in the living room. I fell in love with my house because of it. A couple of years ago I made it my mission to find the perfect mantel for it. It took a lot of searching and a long drive out to a small salvage yard in the middle of no where but in the end I found it!

Mantel Before & After {www.homemadeinterest.com}

I now have a beautiful, 100+ year old, barnwood beam as my mantel and I love it! My other rustic decor has kind of grown up around it and all that shelf space gives me lots of room to display my crafty projects.

Barnwood mantel {www.homemadeinterest.com}

On to the questions….

What are we working on?

We always have so many projects floating around in our heads! With two houses the list of things to do is never-ending.

Kat: Right now I have a list a mile long of D.I.Y stuff I want to get done around the house. I have big plans for a table/shelf behind my sofa, which is a sectional that will give me a place to put lamps and push the sofa away from the wall a little. I also have an Ikea Rast hack (side table makeover) that I’ve been dreaming up. I think I have it planned out now so I’m hoping to get it started soon.

Instagram Photo Frame {www.homemadeinterest.com}

Instagram Photo Frame Kat made Melinda for Christmas

Melinda: I have just about conquered the blank walls in my living room and now I’m ready to try reupholstering a chair for my guest room. This will be my first time reupholstering anything so wish me luck! You’ll probably be seeing a few posts on headboards in the next few months since both Kat and I have beds we’d like to make headboards for.

Gallery Wall {www.homemadeinterest.com}

Melinda’s gallery wall with several of our projects #Family Art and Scrabble Tiles

How does our work differ from those in our genre?

Hmm, I know we’re all supposed to be unique but I don’t think we differ all that much from others in our genre. We’re fun-loving ladies who like to create things. I think the fact that we are two besties working together makes us a little different, and the fact that we both come from different perspectives. Melinda is a mom, and loves all things rustic and I’m an aunt who’s a fan of midcentury modern. Of course, in the end we both just love beautiful rooms and creative projects no matter what style they are.

Important Dates Art {www.homemadeinterest.com}

What a Difference a Day Makes art Kat made Melinda for her birthday…do you see a theme here?

Why do we write/create what we do?

We started working on home décor, D.I.Y. and craft projects together and separately long before we began writing our blog. We love to create things, plan parties and just see what kind of stuff we can come up with and whether or not we can actually do it. I’d say Pinterest is what really motivated us to start working on more projects. We’d see so many cool ideas and we got tired of just re-pinning them and never actually making any of them. So, we started having a weekly craft night, and then we decided we wanted people to see what we were doing. Eventually we got around to starting our blog, just a short 4 months ago, and here we are 🙂 .

Upcycled cans {www.homemadeinterest.com}

We upcylced almond cans into succulent planters

How does your writing creative process work?

We’re planners. We make lists, we make schedules, we sit around the table brainstorming. We get together at least once a week and if we aren’t working on a project we are planning out our next three. Currently we have several blog post categories that we want to cover each month. Based on those we will sit around the table after Melinda has put her kids to bed and we’ll look through Pinterest and see what’s trending, we’ll talk over favorite foods and recipes we’d love to try, and we’ll see what social events are coming up that we might be able to make something for. For example, in October our friend’s son is getting married so you’re going to be seeing lots of rustic wedding projects on the blog!

Home. Made. Interest. Photo Studio

Our glamorous photo studio…don’t be jealous!

Once we have our ideas and everything is tentatively scheduled we pick a weekend or two to get a bunch of projects done all at one time. We work on stuff during the week too, but a monthly project blitz takes some of the pressure off and also gives us a chance to take photos for the blog in good lighting. It’s hard when you only have time to work on projects after the sun goes down.

We’re new, but we are loving the blog and seeing what our fellow bloggers are working on really helps get the creative juices flowing. We’re inspired daily by all of the unique, creative projects out there!

Speaking of which, let us introduce you to a couple of very talented ladies…

Kelly from Typically SImple

Hi there! I’m Kelly from the Chicago suburbs. I am teacher turned stay at home mom to my little guy who just turned one. My husband encouraged me to start a blog about two years ago to share some of the products I was making for my Etsy shop. When my little guy was about 6 months old, I needed a creative outlet as the winter was getting quite long. So I decided to start blogging again, this time more consistently and about everything from crafts and recipes to kids’ activities and life’s adventures!

Little Red Brick House

Hi! I’m Sarah, the voice behind Little Red Brick House. My blog was born from my insatiable need for creativity, which I channel through my various DIY/craft projects. There’s no feeling quite like making something with your own hands. My hope is to encourage and inspire others to unleash their creativity by tackling home decor projects on their own.

Make sure to stop by their blogs next Monday for their tours. We can’t wait to see what they have to share!