Prepare the tuna. Drain the tuna really well and then place it in a bowl. Mix the tuna, mayonnaise, cilantro and juice from half a lime. Add salt to taste and stir it all together

Prepare the avocado. Peel and chop the avocado before placing it in a bowl. Squeeze the remaining half of a lime over it and lightly mash the avocado leaving some chunks. Salt to taste.

A FEW TIPS – This is a really healthy meal that is packed full of flavor so don’t sweat the details. Don’t let the fancy look stop you from giving it a try. You can simply layer all of the ingredients in a bowl and everything will be just as delicious! – Don’t have pico de gallo? No problem! You can use finely diced tomatoes with just a pinch of salt, or buy some premade pico de gallo at the grocery store. – Make a big batch of the tuna and keep it in the refrigerator, it will keep for up to a week in a tightly sealed container. Then whenever you are craving this salad, and trust me you’re going to be craving it, you can whip it up in just a few minutes.

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