All Aboard the Choo Choo Train Party! Come on ride the train, ride the train (you have that song stuck in your head now, don’t you)?

Train Birthday Party {}

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Last year my son Sawyer was obsessed with trains and his train table so, when he turned 3, we had a train party.   I Googled  train parties in my local area and was lucky enough to find a nearby park that had a miniature train that everyone could ride on. It was perfect!


Train Birthday Party {}
Once the location was decided my Pinterest search for everything and anything train began. Kat and I used our eCraft (a paper cutting machine like a Cricuit or Silhouette) to make a train banner using scrapbook paper.  We kept it simple and fun, layering lots of different scrapbook paper colors and patterns together. We used 4 shapes each in a different pattern and/or color to create the train; a large train shape, a big circle for the number to go on, a small circle for the back wheel, and the number 3. We glued them all together, punched holes in the top and and strung them together with a piece of twine.

Train Birthday Party {}
For table center pieces we used aluminum cans with the labels peeled off. At A.C. Moore I found wooden sticks with circle, square and train  shapes. The circles and squares made the perfect railroad signs with the help of a little paint and I covered the trains in scrapbook paper.  I also found some larger wooden train shapes and letters to spell out “Sawyer” at A.C. Moore or you can buy them here. These pieces were thicker and had wheels. We covered them in scrapbook paper also and set them up like a train running down the length of the tables.

For the food table we wanted to add some height so we used cardboard boxes from our many deliveries from Amazon, wrapped them with different wrapping papers and added embellishments. We created two of these, each with three-tiers, one for each end of the food table.

Since we were having the party outdoors at the park we kept the food basic; hot dogs, bbq, pasta salad, fruit, chips and cookies. I added some train-themed touches by cutting the watermelon and cookies into train shapes using a cookie cutter and serving the chips in small brown paper bags that we had printed a picture of a train on or use a rubber stamp. That was our only fail for the day. Since it had rained that morning it was damp out and that made the chips taste stale and the grease soaked from the potato chips through the bags which wasn’t a pleasant sight. The bags were adorable and I would definitely use them again I would just make sure whatever I put in them in non-greasy.

Train Birthday Party {}

For the party favors I bundled a train engineer hat, bandana and train whistle together with a piece of twine. Before we headed over to ride the train every child grabbed one. They were so cute with their hats and bandanas and we got some great group pictures.

Train Birthday Party {}

Despite worries about the weather on the day of the party we thought that the park was a very good venue for a large group of young children. The wide open space and playground area gave them an opportunity to burn off energy which makes every parent happy, and the miniature train was a hit. All-in-all a successful party!

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