Be able to enjoy going to the beach without all the stress. I have got your Beach Must Haves for Toddlers, also great for babies and older kids too.

All the important things you need for your baby, toddler and kids to enjoy the beach. Having these beach must haves make life easy for every parent!

The thought of heading to the beach sounds wonderful to me, but then reality kicks in. I have 2 small kids and the beach just doesn’t sound as fun anymore. I go to the beach year round, so I’ve come up with my beach kit to help make beach time fun again. I tend to be one of those lazy beach bums that pretty much sits my butt down and tans the whole time. Who am I kidding, that doesn’t happen anymore with my toddler. Here’s my master list of beach must haves for parents with toddlers that will help you find time to enjoy the sun (and your kids).

1.  The ultimate item you MUST have unless you are the Hulk or have 8 arms to carry everything but the kitchen sink down to the beach or pool is a Beach Cart. It’s easy to handle and the wheels are made to go onto sand. It can be washed off and folds flat. I can push this loaded while carrying my 2 year old.

2. If your kids are like mine they need a large area to sit, eat, nap on, this Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket is perfect. Key word being water-resistant. It folds up nice and small. We also hang it off the umbrella if we need more shade or to block the wind.

3. My children have been blessed (or cursed) with blonde thin hair. My son refuses to wear a hat even when he was a baby so I have been using this Scalp Sunscreen Spray. Personally I love it, the spray is thicker than a normal sunscreen can. It’s great for babies and kids of all ages.

4. This is the obvious, yes, you must have Spray Sunscreen! I like the spray can for touching up throughout the day. I always use the normal rub-on sunscreen 20 mins before heading out into the sun. Strip them down naked, rub it all over, let dry then put their swimsuit on. (Knocking on wood) Neither of my kids have every had a sun burn. I still haven’t figured out how to keep them still and not get it their eyes. But hey, at least they aren’t burnt!

5. I always use to laugh at people who had tents on the beach, then I had kids. It’s amazing! This Family Pop-Up Tent is great for napping on the beach. Big enough for a few people to lay down in and nap, eat lunch, hide from the sun if you need a break. It is easy to “pop-up” and take down. Folds up flat and fits in your beach cart 🙂

6. This is the best beach bag I have found, and I have gone through several. This Sand Away Beach Mesh Bag is huge, I can carry all the kids toys in it. Since it’s mesh the sand doesn’t get stuck in the bottom.

7. Keeping water cool and sand free is nearly impossible when I’m at the beach. These Thermos Cups make that easy! Keeps drinks cold for 12 hours. They come in different sizes and characters.

8. I love my Cool Cat Cooler BagIt’s insulated keeps food hot or cold. Since it’s waterproof, I carry my camera in it too.

9. Of course the best protection besides not being in the sun is wearing a hat. These Vintage Bucket Sun Hats are UPF50+ and have a chin strap. They come in a bunch of different patterns.

10. I have tried every floatie made for toddlers. This Puddle Jumper Life Jacket is the best by far. No uncomfortable strap between their legs. Keeps them floating up right and helps them build confidence to kick their feet to learn the basic’s. For children 30-50lbs.

11. Here’s another obvious one, Little Swimmers Disposable Diapers.

12. Here’s a little secret I found out about a few years ago. Use Baby Powder to remove sand off your little ones feet or those hard to reach areas. Just pour it on and the sand comes right off with a towel.

13. I use to think Crocs were the ugliest things, then I had kids. My kids love them, they are light, water resistant and can be washed off easily.

All the important things you need for your baby, toddler and kids to enjoy the beach. Having these beach must haves make life easy for every parent!

Hope this makes your trip to the beach a little bit more enjoyable, it sure does for me! Now I’m off to pack up for our family beach trip.

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