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Rustic Rag Banner

A Rustic Rag Banner is such an easy project and it makes such a statement as a decoration. It’s simple to make and completely customizable. Try using one for the next birthday party, bridal shower,...

This is a super easy way to add a frosted design to glass or a mirror. Makes a great personalized gift for friends or family.

Frosted Vinyl Mirror

This “Yes, you are the Fairest of them all” Frosted Vinyl Mirror is perfect for any girls room. My baby isn’t such a baby anymore, she is walking and talking and developing her own personality,...

From crab decorations to crab desserts this Crab Shack themed birthday party has everything. I love the appetizer and sides ideas to go with a crab feast!

Crab Shack Birthday Party

This Crab Shack Birthday theme has crab everything from crab decorations to crab desserts! Being a Maryland native, my crab cravings begin when the weather gets here.  Lucky for me that’s when my son’s birthday is...