Beat the heat this summer with these awesome Summer Slow Cooker Recipes!
Beat the heat with your crock pot this summer. 10 summer easy slow cooker recipes!

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Summer is halfway over and I am definitely feeling it — in my pockets!  Our AC hasn’t stopped and using the oven every night to cook dinner isn’t helping.  To help on our energy bill and save time, I found 10 EASY Slow Cooker Recipes for any busy family.  I always get excited to try new recipes in my Crock Pot, then I start reading the recipe and it has endless steps before it actually even sees the inside of the slow cooker.  I don’t have time for all those extra steps during the summer months with all the kids activities. So, I made sure to round-up only summer slow cooker recipes that went straight into the pot with no pre-cooking required!


Peach salsa adds the perfect summer sweetness to these Peach BBQ Pork sliders.


Meat, sauce and cheese, the perfect combination, yum! Crock Pot Italian Swiss Steak is fork tender no matter what cut of beef you use.

Cajun Shrimp and Rice

Cajun Shrimp and rice is packed with flavor and is LOW FAT 🙂


These Cheesy Beef Tacos require no extra steps. You put your ground beef right into the slow cooker…no need to cook first!!


You only need 4 ingredients to make this delicious Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork. Quick and simple!


Tikka Masala is one of my favorites, especially this recipe, no pre-marinating, pre-searing, pre-anything.  Just dump it in and turn it on.

Crockpot Country Boil

A Summertime classic– Low Country Boil is made in a slow cooker. Yes, I know, who knew this was possible?!


This Lemon Artichoke Chicken dish is light and refreshing, perfect to come home to after a long hot day.

No Boil Crockpot Creamy Pasta

This Creamy Pasta is my kids favorite and reheats easily.

Hawaiian Ribs Slow Cooker Recipe

These Hawaiian Ribs are sticky and sweet, and fall right off the bone.

Beat the heat with your crock pot this summer. 10 summer easy slow cooker recipes!

Slow cooker’s are not only for the colder months.  Beat that summer heat and keep the house cool.  All of these summer slow cooker recipes are super easy and require no additional prep work, just gather your ingredients and dump them in the pot!