This precious Sugar & Spice Party will melt your heart and make you wish you were a little girl again.

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This month we helped a sweet little girl celebrate her first birthday with a Sugar & Spice themed birthday party! Friends and family got together to share in Cam’s big day and if the amount of cake on her face at the end of the day was any indication, I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself.Cam’s mommy, Lauren, enlisted us for help in planning and creating the decorations, mason jar favors and the cakes. I designed and printed cupcake toppers (if you don’t have time here are adorable cupcake liners and toppers) and favor labels for her. Melinda and I spent one evening making cake pops like our Acorn Oreo Balls we made last year, they’re super easy to make, here are the sticks you’ll need. We tried a new way of displaying the pops for this party, Lauren’s crafty husband Chad drilled small holes in wooden blocks and painted it white for us. Once dry, we placed a pop in each hole. We even added Cam’s picture to one of the blocks (tutorial here) with a little Mod Podge. I thought it worked out great and really looked good in the pictures.

I made the cakes for the party and frosted them with buttercream using the petal technique. I did a tutorial on this frosting technique when I made my hummingbird cake. The cakes looked beautiful and it is so easy….seriously it is EASY!!

Sugar and Spice and everything nice is such a fun birthday or baby shower theme! Decorate for a shabby chic party with a few of these simple ideas.

The one thing Lauren was 100% sure about was that she wanted a rag banner as the focal point. She had found a few on Etsy but Melinda and I were excited to try to make one, so we convinced her to wait and let us try. I had never even heard of a rag banner at that point, but I have to admit it turned out pretty darn cute! Melinda and I went to all of the fabric stores looking for the perfect mix of fabrics and we ended up with different shades of patterned pink fabrics mixed with accents of Tiffany blue, ivory, lace and burlap for a little pop of color and texture. We hauled everything out to Lauren’s one Sunday morning and got to work tearing the fabric into strips. It’s easier than it sounds, you just put a little cut in the fabric and then pull tearing a nice long strip. We made our strips about 2 inches wide and 26 inches long.

How to make a shabby chic rag banner. A great decoration for a vintage, shabby chic shower or birthday party.

We used a heavy duty twine for the banner to keep with the shabby chic look. We stretched the twine out across the windows that the banner was going to be hung in front of and cut it to the right length. Don’t forget, the fabric is going to weigh your twine down so you should make sure it dips slighty less than you want when you are measuring it so the finished product doesn’t hang too low. We tied the twine to two kitchen chairs and used them as anchors to stretch the twine out while we tied the fabric ribbons on. The three of us each took a section of the twine and just started randomly tying pieces of fabric on. We’ve made the collage below to show you just how to tie the fabric on the twine. Once you get started, it goes fast!

How to make a shabby chic rag banner. A great decoration for a vintage, shabby chic shower or birthday party.

Every now and then, we’d stop and step back to see how the colors were mixing and we’d add in a little burlap or a piece of blue fabric. It made all of the difference in the world. It really gave the banner that little something extra. Once we finished, Melinda was on a roll! She also made Cam an adorable rag skirt using elastic instead of twine and a mini rag banner to decorate the front of Cam’s high chair.

We were really happy with how everything turned out and in the end we definitely spent less making it ourselves than it would have cost to buy one online, even when you factor in the cost of our time. Melinda and I both agree, it is a project we’d do again. If you’re looking for a cute decoration for a baby’s room, a unique, fun backdrop for photos, or decorations for your own vintage/shabby chic party you should try this project. Every girl young and old want a sugar and spice party, I know I do!

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