Do you know someone who loves to bake? This Bakers Gift Guide is a list of gifts that any baker would love to have in their kitchen.

Every baker who loves baking needs and wants all this helpful and fun baking items. This bakers gift guide is a must have if you have a passion for baking or know someone who does.

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I thoroughly enjoy baking especially this time of year. Most of us have all the basic kitchen must haves but these items are going to take you to the next level. I have found some fun and truly handy baking items that any baker would love to have.

1. Gel Paste Food Color– Time to throw out those 1990 food coloring dyes and get some gel paste. These last longer since you don’t have to use as much. They give you a more precise drop unlike those old, outdated ones. I use mine to dye playdough, frosting and pretty much anything else I can add color to.

2. Bundtlette Cake Pan– I want these! I love this design, much prettier than the traditional bundt cake shape. Just using a new, updated, shape makes people think you’re an awesome baker. People eat with their eyes first and pretty things taste better!

3. Donut Pan– Donuts are on my list of things to start making. I keep seeing all these amazing donuts on Pinterest and Facebook and they are calling my name. Another bonus with this pan, you bake them instead of frying. Don’t get me wrong, fried always tastes better but it isn’t very good for you.

4. Cake Leveler– I seriously need this! I suck at cutting a cake level and once you mess up it takes a lot of frosting to fix, lol! You have to start with a good base before frosting and this leveler makes your cakes look perfect without the need for frosting camouflage.

5. Disposable Pastry Bag with Dispenser– One of my favorite finds. I discovered these  a few years ago and they have made my life so much simpler. I struggle washing my pastry bag, don’t you? Turning it inside out, blah blah. These bags are disposable and they come in a 21″ bag size which is awesome for frosting cupcakes. I never have to refill these since they are big and when I’m done, trash! No clean up :).

6. Popover Pan– Popovers are so versatile. You make them for breakfast, serve them for brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert. Basically they are dough filled with any goodness you want to put in them. Check out Pinterest for popover recipes. You’d be amazed with how much you can do with them.

7. Digital Candy Thermometer– I am in need of this. I have had several Pinterest fails because I haven’t had one of these. Last year I wanted to make candied apples,  FAIL :(. I made these apple kabobs instead (total win) but with a candy thermometer I’m hoping to make candied apples this year.

8. Icing Dispensing Squeeze Bottles with Tips– Have you seen all those Christmas cookies on Pinterest that look impossible to make? These squeeze bottles make it so much easier.

9. Cookie Scoop– Serious game changer when making cookies. Every cookie is the same size and the kids can help too.

10. Tart Tamper– I use my tamper all the time. Perfect for making mini peanut butter cookie cups, larger cookie cups and my favorite s’more cups. I used them to make mini cheesecake crust too. Super easy!

11. Zester/Grater– Love my zester, it came in handy when making these Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies.

12. Cupcake and Cookie Carrier– I use my carrier ALL the time! I have found that this one is the best because it can be broken down into one tier or more depending on how many things you need to store or transport. I have even given these as gifts filled with cupcakes.

13. Double Boiler– I like this double broiler because it’s non-stick and fits 2 different sizes. Great for melting chocolate and cheese. Great for holiday time when you’re making bark, truffles or balls.

14. 29-Piece Stainless Steel Decorating Tube Set with Hinged Storage Box– I have these and they came in handy when I made these nest cupcakes. You don’t need a special bag for them either.

15. Cookie Stamp– These are adorable and are available in several different sayings. I love these for hostess gifts or for teachers during the holidays.

16. Non-Stick Cup Pie Set– If you haven’t noticed, I kinda have an obsession with mini or individual size desserts or anything for that matter. Guess it’s because I don’t like to share! This is great for pot pies, pies and tarts.

17. Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat– I have several of these mats. Love them! I use them for pretty much anything that goes on a cookie sheet. Not just for baking, I use them to heat up food for the kids in the oven too.

18. 3-Tier Cooling Rack– These are great since I lack counter space. Especially during my holiday baking time they come in handy to cool large amounts of cookies.

19. Heritage Bundt Pan– Hoping to get this soon (*hint hint* it’s on my wishlist). Make boring bundt cakes look like a professional made it just by using a different pan! It’s that easy, look at this fabulous cake!

20. Mini Cheesecake Pan– I used this yesterday to make honey pecan cheesecake. At first glance I was worried that the cheesecake would stick, nope not at all. Cooking time is only 15 mins and they slid right out.

Every baker who loves baking needs and wants all this helpful and fun baking items. This bakers gift guide is a must have if you have a passion for baking or know someone who does.

Baking Storage

1. Powdered Sugar Keeper with Built in Leveler– Love that this has an integrated mesh top that allows for dusting. Super cool, right?

2. Brown Sugar Keeper– This has a terra cotta insert in lid to keep the brown sugar from hardening and the lid offers airtight protection. It holds 2 pounds of brown sugar.

3. Flour Keeper with Built in Leveler– This has leveler to provide accurate measurements and cleaner work area!

Keep the baker in your life happy with these handy baking tools and you may just get an extra special treat this year!

Happy baking!
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