Get ready to raise your glass and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with a lineup of Mexican-inspired mixed drinks that are as tasty as they are festive. From classic margaritas to creative twists on traditional favorites, we’ve got the perfect cocktails and mocktails to make your Cinco de Mayo celebration unforgettable. So grab your shaker, pour yourself a drink, and let’s toast to a fiesta like no other!


A close-up of a mango margarita garnished with a lime wedge and salt on the rim, with additional lime slices in the background.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.


Frozen mango margarita combines the traditional flavor of the tequila cocktail with sweet fruit. It is the perfect Cinco de Mayo drink for everything from a quiet night on your patio or a barbecue with friends.
Get the recipe: Frozen Mango Margarita


A refreshing cocktail garnished with a slice of blood orange, lime, and mint, served in a glass with a sugared rim and a striped straw.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

Blood oranges and a little mint make this Blood Orange Mojito beautiful and delicious. The lightly sweet flavor combined with a hint of lime and mint is the perfect compliment to some of my favorite Mexican inspired dishes.
Get the recipe: Blood Orange Mojito


Two glasses of orange juice with ice, garnished with mint leaves and lime slices, accompanied by striped straws on a gray background.
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A Passion Fruit Mojito is a refreshing cocktail that pairs tropical fruit with lime and mint for a deliciously sweet alcoholic drink that is perfect for hot nights and entertaining at home.
Get the recipe: Passion Fruit Mojito


A refreshing glass of fruit-infused water containing slices of lemon, lime, strawberries, and mango, garnished with a lime twist on a dark surface with berries nearby.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

Moscato Sangria is an easy drink recipe packed full of fresh summer fruits soaked in a sweet moscato wine. It’s a beautiful and delicious cocktail for any party!
Get the recipe: Moscato Sangria


A refreshing drink in a mason jar with slices of lime, strawberry pieces, a mint garnish, and a striped straw, set against a white wooden background.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

A light and refreshing summer drink, this strawberry mojito mocktail is made with lime sparkling water and fresh herbs and berries.
Get the recipe: Strawberry Mojito Mocktail


Three glasses of watermelon slush garnished with mint leaves and cucumber slices, with watermelon wedges and a lime on a table.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

This Frozen Watermelon Cocktail combines the ultimate summer fruit with a bubbly sparkling wine for a fun take on a Cinco de Mayo bellini. This frozen cocktail will help keep you cool as you enjoy outdoor eating or grilling all summer long.
Get the recipe: Frozen Watermelon Cocktail


Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

This Orange Pomegranate Crush is an easy drink recipe made with orange, pomegranate, vodka and triple sec. It is a great easy drink recipe for Cinco de Mayo!
Get the recipe: Orange Pomegranate Crush

Mezcal Chocolate Cherry

Whiskey cocktail in a clear glass with ice, garnished with a dark cherry and a brown sugar rim.
Image Credit: Charming Cocktails

Smoky mezcal, cocoa and maraschino liqueur make this spirit-forward cocktail interesting and delicious. Get the recipe: Mezcal Chocolate Cherry.

Agua de Jamaica

A glass of iced hibiscus tea with a cinnamon stick, served on a colorful woven cloth beside a bowl of dried hibiscus flowers.
Image Credit: Muy Bueno Blog

Indulge in the perfection of Agua de Jamaica, a delightful sweet-tart Mexican hibiscus tea. With its harmonious blend of tart sweetness, floral bursts, and citrusy notes, it pays homage to the vibrant tapestry of Mexican flavors.
Get the recipe: Agua de Jamaica


Close-up of a refreshing cocktail with ice, garnished with blackberries and a lime slice, served in a clear glass.
Image Credit: Home. Made. Interest.

This fun alcoholic drink recipe is made with blackberries and ginger ale fancied up with a blackberry and rosemary skewer. Beautiful and delicious!
Get the recipe: Blackberry Fizz


Two glasses of red iced drink with lime slices and straws on a wooden table, surrounded by fruits and a pitcher.
Image Credit: Graceful Dame

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with refreshing Prickly Pear Limeade, crafted from zesty limes and vibrant prickly pear fruit. It’s the ultimate thirst-quenching beverage for your fiesta!
Get the recipe: Prickly Pear Limeade


Two glasses of pineapple juice with mint garnish, lime wedges, and pineapple slices on a wooden board.
Image Credit: Boulder Locavore

Quench your thirst with Pineapple Water, a refreshing beverage perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Quick and easy to prepare, it is a delightful, lightly sweet pineapple flavor that’s sure to please.
Get the recipe: Pineapple Water