Halloween baked cheese is an easy Halloween treat. It makes a great Halloween party appetizer or fun dinner for the kids before trick-or-treating.

holding Halloween Baked Cheese mummy with eyes


We love Halloween and we go a little crazy making cute Halloween themed food to celebrate! This easy Halloween baked cheese is one of many Halloween recipe that can be a Halloween party appetizer or a fun dinner before the kids head out trick-or-treating.

Just like our mummy dogs, this baked cheese treat is made with puff pastry wrapped around a mini cheese and a pepperoni (because who doesn’t love pizza!) and with a few strips of dough they are turned into pumpkins or mummies.

We even add some edible eyes to the mummy version because edible eyes make everything more fun. We throw them into our werewolf chow and add them to our Halloween rice krispies treats, mummy mallows, and mini Frankenstein cheesecakes too. The kids love them!

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ingredients for Halloween Baked Cheese

Ingredients You’ll Need

For these baked cheese puffs, here’s what you’ll need to have on hand.

  • Mini Babybel – The minis fit the pastry perfectly, but you could use another small brie cheese for the puffs if you prefer.
  • Puff Pastry – We use  Wewalka puff pastry found in the refrigerated section by the canned biscuits and such. We find this brand has the best flavor and texture compared to the frozen varieties. In a pinch, you can use Pilsbury crescent roles instead. If you can’t find the Wewalka brand, use Pepperidge Farms frozen puff pastries instead.
  • Pepperoni – If you have a picky eater or others that don’t like pepperoni (for some reason), you can skip the pepperoni in all or some of the pastries. 
  • Egg & Water – You’ll need both an egg and water to make a simple egg wash that helps to make the pastry a beautiful golden brown color.
  • Edible eyes – We use Wilton candy eyes for just about all our baking needs… at least the ones that need eyes.


Step 1 – Preheat the oven and prep the egg wash. Before starting, start your oven preheating to 400 degrees F. As it starts to heat, combine the egg and water in a small bowl and whisk until well combined.

Halloween Baked Cheese dough

Step 2 – Cut out circles in pastry dough. Use a 3 inch round cookie cutter to cut out rounds from the puff pastry. You’ll want to save the scraps for later.

how to make Halloween Baked Cheese

Step 3 – Fill the rounds. Place one slice of pepperoni and 1 Mini Babybel on a puff pastry round. Use a  pastry brush to apply the egg wash around the outside edge of the puff pastry and then place another puff pastry round on top. Gently press the edges together so they are firmly sealed.

four different Halloween Baked Cheese

Step 4 – Decorate the pastries. You have two options. Use a sharp knife to cut out small triangles for eyes and mouths for pumpkins. The other option is use long strips of puff pastry to create mummies by layering a few rows over the rounds.

Step 5 – Brush and bake. Brush the egg wash over the tops of the puff pastry and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Repeat the process for all 6 puff pastries.

Finally, place the pastries in the oven and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. When they are ready, remove from the oven and place the edible eyes on the mummies. Serve immediately and enjoy!

serving warm Halloween Baked Cheese mummy with eyes

What Kind of Cheese Can I Use? 

Babybel cheese is the perfect size for this, but you can also use mini brie cheese if you can find it at your grocery store. 

If you’re making it for a grown-up Halloween party, you can use a large wheel of brie, skip the pepperoni if you like, and make one or two large mummies or pumpkins to serve to guests. Then again, we’ve never heard an adult complain about the snack sized version.

Are the Eyes Edible? 

Yes! We use Wilton candy eyes to add a little spooky fun to our baked cheese, mummy dogs, Halloween dessert pizza, and witch’s brew brownies. You can find them on Amazon or in the baking section, typically with the sprinkles, in stores like Walmart, Target, grocery stores, and craft stores. 

The kids absolutely love them! So if you don’t want them, your kids will almost certainly volunteer.

Halloween Baked Cheese mummy and pumpkin

Can I Make It Ahead of Time? 

For best results, we highly recommend serving it right after making it. While you can certainly eat any leftovers the next day, I wouldn’t recommend making it for a party the night before since the pastry will lose its crispiness and flakiness. Also, the cheese will firm up inside as it cools. 

If you want to do some prep ahead of time, you can wrap your cheeses with the pastry dough up to 1 day in advance. 

Once wrapped, place them on a baking sheet, cover them tightly with plastic wrap, and then store in the refrigerator overnight. 

When you are ready to bake them, take them out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before placing them in the oven and baking them for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F.

Halloween Baked Cheese mummy dunked in sauce

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Servings: 6
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

Halloween Baked Cheese in Puff Pastry

These simple Halloween Baked Cheese in golden, fluffy puff pastry are a fun Halloween appetizer for your next party!
Halloween Baked Cheese mummy in sauce
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  • 6 Mini Babybel
  • 2 sheets Puff Pastry, thawed
  • 6 slices Pepperoni
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbsp Water
  • 12 Edible eyes


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 
  • In a small bowl whisk the egg and water together. 
  • Use a 3 inch round cookie cutter to cut out rounds from the puff pastry. Save scraps for later.
  • Place one slice of pepperoni and 1 Mini Babybel on a puff pastry round. 
  • Use a pastry brush to apply egg wash around the outside edge of the puff pastry and then place another puff pastry round on top. 
  • Cut out small triangles and mouths for pumpkins, or long strips of puff pastry for mummies and use these to decorate the top of the puff pastry. 
  • Brush egg wash over the top of the puff pastry and place on lined baking sheet. 
  • Repeat steps until you have 6 stuffed puff pastries.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and add edible eyes to the mummies if you made them. 
  • Enjoy!
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