We’ve got the Best Brunch Recipes to impress your guests. Make your next brunch a hit with easy brunch recipes from make ahead breakfast casseroles to homemade pastries.

Best Brunch Recipes

You guys know by now that brunch is one of our favorite things. You don’t have to get up to early in the morning to start making it and who doesn’t love eating breakfast for lunch ?! I’ve rounded up some of the BEST Brunch Recipes from make ahead breakfast casseroles to delicious breakfast tots. If you’re hungry, you may want to look away! These are some of the best brunch recipes and they’ll make you want to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

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Our Cheeseburger Tots where all the rage for Super Bowl parties and now you’re covered for brunch with these Sausage, Egg and Cheese Tots. Sausage, cheese, egg, and tater tots…they are the perfect breakfast bite.

ham and cheese egg breakfast casserole

This easy Ham and Cheese English Muffin Breakfast Casserole is inspired by my favorite fast food breakfast (you know which one I mean) and it’s totally delicious! You can prep it all the night before and then just pop it in the oven when you get up. That gives you a little extra time to sleep before you get ready for guests!

everything bagel casserole made with bacon and cheese

If you like the English muffin breakfast casserole you’re going to love this amazing Everything Bagel Make Ahead Casserole. It is packed full of everything bagels, bacon, and cheese. It’s everything you love about morning bagels in a delicious casserole!

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate with their breakfast? Easy Chocolate Croissants are a favorite in my house and this easy croissant recipe is ready in just 20 minutes. Make these chocolate croissants for your next brunch and watch them disappear!

Shrimp cocktail deviled eggs are a new twist on two retro classics. This simple appetizer combines shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs for an updated vintage appetizer recipe that is perfect for retro parties!

Everyone loves shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs. We’ve taken two classic recipes and combined them into one delicious bite. My family and friends love the combo of these Shrimp Cocktail Deviled Eggs

crepes stacked on a plate with nutella

Crepes are a great recipe for a brunch because you can make them ahead of time and then easily reheat them for your guests. These easy Homemade Crepes with Nutella Hazelnut Spread are chocolaty and filled with fresh fruit. No one will be able to resist them!

Whether you're hosting Easter brunch or bringing a casserole to share with family, I have found fabulous and tasty Easter brunch recipes that will catch everyone's eye and satisfy their tastebuds.

Don’t skip out on these Mini Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts because it means you get to use a mini donut pan . The flavor is delicate and lemon-y and they are so simple to make. They make a great addition to a spring brunch.

This flaky Lemon Cream Cheese Danish is an easy breakfast or brunch recipe made with puff pastry and filled with a creamy, sweet and tart filling. This is the perfect pretty but easy recipe for Mother’s Day brunch.

If you like lemon breakfast pastries you’re going to love this easy, beautiful, Lemon Cream Cheese Danish. It uses store bought puff pastry and is filled with sweetened cream cheese and lemon curd, all packaged in a beautiful braid. Mae this and impress your guests!

This easy Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole is made with crescent rolls, sausage, eggs and cheese, layered together. It is a simple brunch recipe, and perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast.

This Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole is almost completely prepared the day before. You just pour eggs over it the morning of your brunch and pop it in the oven to bake. It is a family favorite!

These antipasto skewers are quick to make. They are perfect for any dinner party or an easy New Year’s Eve appetizer recipe!

You’ve got to a have some savory recipes at your brunch. These Antipasto Skewers are an easy appetizer or brunch bite that can be assembled quickly the morning of your party!

Shrimp and Dill Cucumber Appetizer | This beautiful shrimp and dill appetizer is an easy appetizer for parties and makes a great low carb brunch recipe. Steamed shrimp in a light dill sauce served on cucumber slices makes an easy shrimp appetizer that is a light and fresh Easter brunch recipe or Mother’s Day brunch recipe.

How pretty is the Shrimp and Dill Appetizer? It is a light, bright, appetizer that makes an amazing addition to a spring brunch menu.

Impress family and guest with these best brunch recipes. Eye catching delicious breakfast and brunch recipes.

This beautiful Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart has some of my favorite things, goat cheese, asparagus, and a beautiful sunny side up egg!

These spicy deviled eggs are a tasty twist on a classic with the zing of Sriracha, the velvety smoothness of avocado, and the saltiness of bacon. Sriracha Bacon and Avocado deviled eggs are low carb and gluten free and make a great party appetizer and Easter dinner and Easter brunch recipe!

I love deviled eggs, especially when they are a little outside of the box. Gotta love all of the flavor in these Bacon Sriracha Avocado Deviled Eggs!


This Gruyère, Ham, and Spinach Strata is a great brunch recipe since it can be made a day ahead of time and baked the morning of the brunch. I’m definitely adding it to my holiday brunch menu.

This Ham and Gruyere Strata is made ahead of time and left in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning you can put it in the oven to bake while you set the table and get ready for guests.

Impress family and guest with these best brunch recipes. Eye catching delicious breakfast and brunch recipes.

A classic diner staple made with biscuits. These BLT Biscuit Sliders are definitely on my to-do list! You know we love all sliders since we’ve made philly sliders, meatball and Cuban sliders.

Impress family and guest with these best brunch recipes. Eye catching delicious breakfast and brunch recipes.

To add to my other addiction- custard. These Egg Custard Tarts would be dangerous in my home. They are a Portuguese tradition like the Rice Pudding I made. It also give me another reason to use one of my favorite baking gadgets, my tamper.

That’s it. You should have enough recipes to get you started. Make your next brunch a hit with some of the BEST Brunch Recipes!