We’ve collected the BEST slider recipes all in one place. The perfect solution for Super Bowl snacks or feeding a hungry family on a busy weeknight.

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Today I’m sharing my go-to party appetizer, sliders. Sliders are something I serve at all of my parties especially my epic Super Bowl party every year!

Sliders are perfect for tailgating and footballs parties because they are easy to make and feed a big crowd without a lot of work.

I call them sliders but they are also known as pull apart sandwiches. Whatever you call them, they are delicious and everyone loves them. Most can be made in 30 minutes or less, which is a total bonus in my book.

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Classic Sandwich Sliders

Some of our favorite slider recipes are classic sandwiches that we’ve turning into mini appetizers. It’s all of the things you order at your local sub shop or deli sandwiched between sweet Hawaiian slider buns.

Close up of a Hot Italian Slider with deli meat and melted cheese
Hot Italian Sliders
Easy Hot Italian Sliders are layers of pepperoni, ham, salami, and provolone, cheese baked ot perfection on a sweet slider bun.
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Meatball Sliders

Meatball sliders are classic party food. You can make your own meatballs (have air fryer, Instant Pot, and even a baked turkey version) or you can buy frozen meatballs.

While our Easy Meatball Sliders are the most popular recipe on our website we’ve made multiple versions of the classic recipe with different flavors of meatballs.

Cheesy meatball slider being lifted out of pan
Easy Meatball Sliders
These cheesy Meatball Sliders are an easy appetizer recipe for game day. Make them for your next party!
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Beef Sliders

Raise your hand if you love beef! Me, me, me. The next slider recipes give you an idea of how versatile beef can be. You can use beef to make sliders by turning it into burger patties, shredding it or even buying pre-made cooked beef that is ready to go. There really isn’t much better than a beef slider with cheese and an amazing sauce or gravy!

copycat big mac sliders from McDonald's
Copycat Big Mac Sliders
Copycat Big Mac Sliders are an easy appetizer recipe filled with beef, cheese, and McDonald’s Big Mac sauce!
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I know these are beef but you’ve got to try our Greek sliders made with lamb. They are totally delicious! Serve them with some 5 layer Greek dip at your Super Bowl party and watch them disappear.

Chicken Sliders

Chicken and turkey sliders are a great alternative to beef and pork. You can save time by using frozen chicken strips, rotisserie chicken, or leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

There are so many awesome sauces and cheeses that you can use for chicken or turkey sliders from something sweet to something spicy and almost all of these recipes can be used interchangeably with chicken or turkey.

easy to make Chicken Parmesan Sliders
Chicken Parmesan Sliders
Fried chicken tenders, tomato sauce, and lots of mozzarella cheese make this slider recipe a sure win.
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Breakfast Sliders

Sliders aren’t just for dinner! These awesome breakfast sliders are perfect for early morning tailgating or a simple holiday breakfast for feeding a crowd.

Hands holding a Ham Egg and Cheese Breakfast Slider
Ham Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sliders
These Ham Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sliders are delicious little hot breakfast sandwiches that are the perfect way to feed a breakfast crowd.
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Meatless Sliders

Sliders don’t have to be packed with meat. We’ve even got a vegan slider that tastes so good your friends won’t know what’s missing!

BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with homemade BBQ sauce
BBQ Jackfruit Sliders
BBQ Jackfruit Sliders are a vegan slider recipe made with jackfruit and your favorite BBQ sauce. It’s an easy slider recipe that makes the perfect vegan appetizer for backyard BBQs
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Tips for Making Sliders Ahead of Time

Most of the slider recipes below can be assembled ahead of time or prepped the day before by partially cooking components of the dish.

The biggest time saver is to make or prep any part of the slider ahead of time that you can. Cut up vegetables, make your sauces, etc.

If you are making sliders for a party get everything ready the night before or the morning of the party and then assemble the sliders and put them in the oven just before guests arrive.

Basic Items Needed for Slider Recipes

  1. Basic Pyrex Baking Dishes– Everyone should own Pyrex!
  2. Baking Sheets– I prefer these because they have a silicone handle since I am prone to burning myself.
  3. Fancy Casserole Dishes– I use the term fancy loosely. Use anything that fits and can be placed in the oven.
  4. Disposable Aluminum Pans– For a no-fuss, no cleaning option just use these.
  5. Aluminum Foil– Used to cover the sliders so the bread doesn’t burn while you bake them.

Okay, now that you have to right tools you’re on your way to making the best slider recipes. These little bundles of joy are not only the best party appetizers but also make a great dinner for your family. I have even made sliders for school events and potlucks.

Pack them up for tailgating or take them to a potluck. Your friends and family will thank you!

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